Burial or Cremation?

The choice between burial or cremation is a very personal one and may be influenced by many factors, such as religion, family tradition or the wishes of the person who has died. Whether you choose a burial or a cremation, we will make all the arrangements, on your behalf, with the crematorium, cemetery or churchyard.

Burial - things to consider...

You may already have a family grave or plot. We can arrange for this to be re-opened and the headstone removed before burial.

In some areas burial space may not be available or may be very expensive. Local authority cemeteries frequently charge additional fees if the deceased was not resident in the area covered. These can be four or more times the standard fee in some areas, adding a significant cost to the funeral.

There are alternatives to burials in a churchyard or cemetery, such as burial in a vault, burial at sea and woodland burials, which are now available in many parts of the country.

After the burial, you will need to consider if you want a memorial headstone or a new inscription on an existing stone. We can advise on and commission memorial work on your behalf, as required.

An alternative to the usual burial is a 'Woodland Burial'. More information is available here

Cremation - things to consider...

A crematorium funeral service can be particularly convenient for a lot of families, or you may wish to hold a service in a church or another location before the deceased is conveyed to the crematorium. 

There will be a strict time limit for the length of the service at the crematorium. Additional fees apply if a longer service is desired.

For environmental, and other considerations, there may be restrictions on the type of coffin that can be used, or items in the coffin accompanying the deceased. We can advise as appropriate.

You will need to decide upon the final resting place for the ashes. You can keep the ashes in an urn, scatter them or bury them. Many crematoriums and cemetaries have a garden of remembrance where ashes can be laid and have a memorial. For your convenience, if desired, we can safely retain ashes while you decide.