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The Cost, and how to pay...

As a funeral is an individually tailored event in most circumstances, it is generally only possible to give an estimate of the final cost at the outset of the planning. There are some costs which are fixed by other bodies such as the fees for a church service, crematoria, interment in a cemetary for instance. Other costs resulting from the choice of coffin, repatriation or particular specialist hearses, for example, can significantly increase the overall cost. The professional fee to the Funeral Director covers a wide range of matters, which include; attending to the arrangements, the care of the loved one through the funeral process, and the necessary paperwork and statutory obligations. Again this can be extremely variable depending on individual requirements.

Other additional costs which must be considered are things like floral tributes, refreshments after the service, memorial stones, burial of ashes, limousine hire etc. These extra costs are known as 'disbursements'.

Of course we all want to say goodbye to a loved one in the most appropriate and dignified way as possible, but some aspirations to do that may come at a significant monetary cost, which for some, may exceed available funds.

We, at Vernon Rush Funerals, provide our services at a competitive rate, always using local resources where possible and advising where savings, if any, can be made without detracting from your (or the deceased's), wishes. Please note that we do not generally require a deposit, but it may be applicable to request one in certain circumstances.

The cost of a funeral is subject to the same inflationary factors that affect other aspects of daily life unfortunately. For some, the setting-up of a pre-paid funeral plan is a considerate thing to do, thus alleviating some of the pressures on families when you pass. Please see the Funeral-Plans page for more information.

"What if we may have difficulty finding the money?"

Financial assistance may be available in some circumstances from the Department for Work and Pensions, particularly for those deceased with no estate or family able to meet the cost of a funeral. The amount paid however, if eligible, provides only for the most basic of funerals. Application should be made as soon as possible after the passing, by family or representatives of the deceased.


We would normally forward our account for settlement two to three weeks after the funeral; once all the component matters have been assimilated.

Generally this would be by way of an invoice sent in the post. We can however forward this by email alternatively, or additionally. We respectfully request final settlement within 30 days.

Payments can be made as follows...

~ Direct bank transfer   (online banking. Account details will be    on our invoice)

~ Traditional cheque

~ Bankers Draft


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